August 2020 MAC Newsletter

What's Up in the August Sky - Dan Malone

01 Sa 16:14 Mercury-Pollux: 6.7 S

01 Sa 19:30 Moon-Jupiter: 1.6 N

02 Su 9:17 Moon-Saturn: 2.4 N

03 Mo 11:59 Full Moon

09 Su 3:57 Moon-Mars: 0.8 N

09 Su 9:51 Moon Apogee: 404700 km

11 Tu 12:45 Last Quarter

12 We 9:02 Perseid Shower:ZHR= 90

15 Sa 9:01 Moon-Venus: 4.2 S

17 Mo 10:47 Mercury Superior Conj.

18 Tu 22:41 New Moon

21 Fr 6:59 Moon Perigee: 363500 km

25 Tu 13:58 First Quarter

28 Fr 21:33 Moon-Jupiter: 1.5 N

29 Sa 12:40 Moon-Saturn: 2.3 N

Mars watch: August 1 Mag. -1.11 @ 60 mil. miles - Rises @ 11:57 PM

August 30 Mag. -1.81 @ 50 mil. miles - Rises @ 10:22 PM

Mars will be in good observing range beginning in September. Mars space to get very busy soon: At time of this printing - U. S. Mars Rover Perserverance launched July 30 along with it's helicopter. United Arab Emirates - Hope Orbiter launched July 20 and heading to Mars. China's Tianwen-1 launched July 23 incorporateing an orbiter, lander, and rover also heading to Mars.

Jupiter and Saturn are well up by dark.

Comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3) Leaving our neck of the woods. Should still be a decent bino and telescope object for a couple more weeks.

And of course the Persieds Meteor Shower peaks the 12th.

August Sky Chart:

Mid August looking South at 11pm EDT. Image created with SkySafari 6 for Mac OS X, �2010-2018 Simulation Curriculum Corp.,
Mid August looking North at 11pm EDT. Image created with SkySafari 6 for Mac OS X, �2010-2018 Simulation Curriculum Corp.,

I want to share a presentation that Dr. Robin Glover gave entitled, "Deep Sky Astrophotography with CMOS cameras". Dr. Glover is the creator of the popular SharpCap program. He talks about the differences between CCD and CMOS sensors, discusses how long to expose for, and gives advice on setting your camera's cooler.

Deep Sky Astrophotography with CMOS cameras
Space Trivia:

In July we asked, "What was the name of the rover that landed on Mars on July 4th, 1997"

Answer: The Pathfinder's Sojourner rover

August's Question: The Perseid's meteor shower peeks this month. The meteors of shower are the dusty debris from which comet?

Website of the Month:

The 5.6 magnitude star mu Draconis demarks the tip of the dragon's tongue. It has the common name Arrakis (or Errakis) which translates as "The Dancer". Science Fiction writer Frank Herbert chose this name for the primary planet in his Dune novels.

NASA launch its Perseverance mission to Mars on July 30th. It will arrive at Mars in February. Follow the mission at NASA's web site:

MARS 2020 Mission Perseverance Rover

Last month's first Zoom meeting went well. I want to thank those that attended. I got a lot of positive feedback from the group. We'll continue to do these until we can meet again at Minnetrista. This month Dr. Kaitchuck will be giving a presentation entitled "Beginning retirement in a pandemic: Part 1, Stellarium". Here's the info for joining the meeting:

Meeting ID: 836 1770 2543

Passcode: 024636

Judy Arnold sent in this cartoon. I wanted to share it with the group. These days we need all the humor we can get. Thanks for sharing this Judy!

Facing South Mid-August 2020 at 11pm EDT - Image created with SkySafari 6 for Mac OS X, �2010-2018 Simulation Curriculum Corp.,