September 2023 MAC Newsletter

September Sky Happenings
Last Quarter:September 6th
New Moon:September 14th
Neptune at oppositionSeptember 19th
First Quarter:September 22th
Full Moon:September 29th, the Harvest Moon

Mercury - Not visible until the 15th, then rises in Leo, until the 26th, then not visible.
Venus - Visible in the morning sky in Cancer until the 24th, then in Leo.
Mars - Visible in the evening sky in Virgo.
Jupiter - Visible in the morning sky in Aries.
Saturn - Visible all night in Aquarius, then in the evening sky after the 14th.
September Sky Charts:
Mid September looking South at 9pm EDT. Image created with SkySafari 6 for Mac OS X, �2010-2018 Simulation Curriculum Corp.,
Mid September looking North at 9pm EDT. Image created with SkySafari 6 for Mac OS X, �2010-2018 Simulation Curriculum Corp.,

While visiting Colorado in August Chris O'Brien captured this image the Crescent Nebula (NGC 6888) in Cygnus using a ZWO ASI6200MC-pro camera on loan from Glen Sharp.

Crescent Nebule (NGC 6888) in Cygnus

Chris also captured this image of the August 30th super blue moon from his home.

Super Blue Moon on August 30, 2023


The September club meeting is cancelled due to Minnetrista being closed on Labor Day.

The Herald Bulletin published an article about Dan's Summer Star Tours at Mounds state park. You can read the article here: Mounds State Park to host stargazing

Dan Malone will be holding the September Summer Sky Tour at Mounds State Park on Saturday, September 16th.

The club has several used Televue eyepieces for sale. Contact Fred Hicks, Dan Malone or Chris O'Brien if you're interested in purchasing.

Have you watched an interesting astronomy related YouTube video, listened to a podcast, or read an online article? Send me the link, and I'll share it with the rest of the club.

Are you doing astrophotography? Send me your latest images, and I'll publish them for the club to see.

Do you have equipment to sale, or are looking for a specific item to buy? Let me know and I'll get the word out to the rest of the club.